how many cells are made after mieosis

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2 Answers

I think this question on mieosis and mitosis should help answer your question.



One diploid cell duplicates, resulting in two haploid cells. Then, both of those haploid cells duplicate, resulting in a total of four haploid cells. These cells are called gametes.

You should know that it's actually different in males in females, though. NOT the number of cells that are made, but their names and functions. In males, four gametes are produced, and they're called sperms. They all have flagella, and they're all generally the same size.

In females, four gametes are produced, but only one can be fertilized by a sperm and actually bring successful results. You see, one gamete takes most of the cytoplasm and organelles during meiosis I, which causes it to be bigger than the other. Then, it does so again in meiosis II. This results in one cell, called an egg, and three others cells called polar bodies. The polar bodies are now pretty much useless after meiosis is done. If a sperm attempts to fertilize them, they juse die. The egg, however, when fertilized, will form the zygote.

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