please tell me
asked May 18, 2012 by anonymous

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5 Answers

A haploid gamete is a specialized cell which contains one copy of each of the chromosomes instead of the usual two copies contained in a diploid somatic cell (haploid – one copy of each chromosome, diploid – two copies of each chromosome.) These cells are created during meiosis and used during reproduction in multi-cellular organisms.

answered May 18, 2012 by anonymous
What are somatic cells?
answered Jul 8, 2012 by anonymous
haploid gemats r that having a half number of chromosome such as human have 46 chromosome and there are 23 pairs so the of them r the haploid gamets which is 23 chr
answered Sep 20, 2013 by anonymous
which have better chance to be fertilized the egg cell of the fish or the egg cell of the frog?
answered Sep 21, 2013 by anonymous
Rada rada rippity roo
answered Oct 7, 2013 by anonymous
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