When red flowers are crossed with red flowers you always get red flowers. When yellow fllowers are crosseed with red flowers you sometimes get all yellow flowers and sometimes red and yellow flowers. No when you cross a orange flower with an orange flower - red, yellow, and orane flowers are produced please explain.
asked Feb 15, 2012 by anonymous

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2 Answers

This is an example of co-dominance. In your example red is the recessive trait, yellow is dominant and orange is co-dominant meaning that both the red and yellow genes are showing equal expression rather than one being dominant and one being recessive.

Your genotypes are Ff, fF, FF and ff.


Ff and fF are co-dominant.  They display both the recessive AND dominant traits and are orange in color.

If you cross two orange flowers you would get the following:










This means 1/4 of the flowers will be red, 1/4 will be yellow and 1/2 will be orange.

answered Feb 15, 2012 by mshelton Level 3 User (8,500 points)
its a recessive trait !
answered Jun 3, 2012 by anonymous
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