Explain the process of DNA replication. How is this different from transcription?

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4 Answers

DNA replication occurs before a cell divides in mitosis. It is the process of copying the entire genome of a cell to be used in a new daughter cell. Transcription is the process of making a temprary RNA copy of a portion of the DNA.  This messenger RNA or MRNA can then be translated into a particular protein.


.  Sometimes, during the process of replication, the DNA code is copied incorrectly, and an incorrect nucleotide is attached to the new strand of DNA.


There are several proofreading mechinisms to intended to prevent errors but the, cell does everything in it's power to prevent errors in replication but some still do occur.  They can eventually become part of the genome as a mutation if they are left uncorrected.
After replication, how much of each DNA molecule is compoed of the original DNA?
DNA is said to be semi-conservative meaning that 1 strand is conserved from the original double stranded molecule and one is newly created.
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