Food web for appalachian region and tropic levels.
asked Feb 27, 2012 by anonymous

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1 Answer

There's no way I'm doing that for you.

However, I will tell you how you can figure it out. First, choose an ecosystem (or something) and find out what animals exist within it. Once you do, find out what they eat. Plants are producers, organisms that eat plants are primary consumers, and organisms that eat primary consumers are secondary consumers, and organisms that eat secondary consumers are tertiary consumers.

The thing about a food web, though, is that it shows all the trophic levels of an organism. An organism can technically have more than one trophic level. For example, a secondary consumer could eat both primary consumers and producers, making it a primary consumer and a secondary consumer.
answered Feb 27, 2012 by King of Cards Level 2 User (2,940 points)

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