When the albino male was mated with a different female black cat, 3 black cats and 2 albno cats were obtained. How can you explain the genetic situation? Write genotypes for all three parental cats and offspring

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2 Answers

The gene for color is found on the X chromosome. Females have two copies of the X chromosome.  Albino color (or lack of it) is recessive to black and red.  If the female cat is black, one of her X chromosomes carries black and so does the other.

A male carries one X and one Y chromsome. Again color for coat is found only on the X.

In the first case, she produced eggs with one X in each. Each carry the black gene. The male produces X and Y sperm. On the X chromosome he has a recessive for lack of  color of the coat. Nothing for coat color is on the Y.

The female is BB (black) her eggs are B

The male is bb (albino) his sperm are b.

Combined form Bb (kittens) which is black for coat color and recessive for albino.


Crossing the same male bb with a female that produces a litter with black and white kittens means that she is black but is recessive for albino. She is Bb.

The kittens are bb or Bb. The ratio should be 3:1 but that would be seen with a much larger number of litters.
A female black cat mated with an albino male and gave birth to 6 black kittens when the albino male was mated with a different female black cat 3 black cats and 2 atheo ts were produced How can  you explain this genetic situation? Write genotypes for all three  parental cats and offspring.

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