charles darwin found it ,in 1870

liberty hyde bailey wrote about it in 1896

scientist all over the world are trying ways to remove it as these chemicles canbe put into any plant from any other plant,

like indole -3 butyris acid iba

indole -j-acid iaa

nathalene acetic acid naa

gibberllie acid found in all plants

plants start making auxins(hormones) in the leaves or apex of the plant.move down the from the apex to thev roots where it is stored.10% of chemicles in the apex to 90 % inthe roots .with thisis vitiemins glucose all the chemicles

charles darwin wrote and all scientist today agree.that to feed these chemicles through the stomata in to the plant would give us better vegetales,fruit.larger flowers .and it isall free ,when we prune we throw all these chemicles away .when we cut down a tree.think how many chemicles we have their to use,i studdied in a university 60 years ago,now i have aletter from joel kroin hortus usa corp new york telling me how right i am ,we take the asperin fromthe willow tree ,steamthe lower stemsto make rooting gel .findland took the phloem tubs fron a pine tree mixed it with rye seed and made bread in 1860,

just think what we could have ,we have all the chemicles right here under our noses to grow the most larger and better vegetables,fruit ,flowers

just think what do we do when we take a cutting .we use the chemicles from another plant.

when we graft ,or bud we do the same thing but ina living plant

so why cant we take the bud say from a apple tree and grow it in a pot with these chemicles,

the hairs on the root of plants take up the feed for the plant.

the stomata inthe leaves of plants takes in the food,for the plant

you can use iaa which comes with allthe other chemicles to keep the plant alive .spray it onthe underside of the leaves the stomata and feed the plant with everything,

look up propagation of plants from cuttings using rooting solutions by foliar feed .

all we need isthe best way to remove all these chemicles fromthe phloem tubes .in our own gardens .to make and to change the world of gardening,as charles darwin said
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